The studio / philosophy

The Troisieme Paysage studio is created by three Landscape Architects graduated from the Landscape architecture senior school “Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture des Jardins” (ESAJ) of Paris.

The studio, based in the Paris region, is interested in the study, analysis and project management of landscaped spaces. The importance of landscape in all its forms leads us to approach all that revolves around this term and to understand the role it plays for each of the actors concerned.

The studio tries to cover the project and concept “landscape” at various scales and is accompanied by varied experts, according to the project treated.
Architects, Urban planners, Engineers, Sociologists, Statisticians, Economists, and Artists... reinforce our team to respond with a concert of experts to the multiple dimensions of the projects.

Workshop Skills:
Know-how in botany
Technical know-how
Know-how in piloting and project managing
Know-how in site editing
Know-how in concert animation
Know-how in relevance of proposal
Know-how in precise quantification of the projects

The Troisieme Paysage studio is thus defined as a landscape artisan and urban designer. It has the knowledge of the field conscious to work according to the rules of the art.
To re-enter nature into the city, to compose an urban landscape, a contemporary of quality resembling us is the aim pursued by all the members of our studio.